Family Matters - Volume 2

In this new installment of the Family Matters Series, Pastor Roberts and First Lady Sherry Roberts teach on the rolls and requirements of men and women in family relationships.  Watch these exciting clips below!

Elder Sherry Roberts - "5 Things A Woman Needs"

Bishop Henry W. Roberts, II - "6 Things A Man Needs In A Woman"


Church Prayer Objectives
1. Pray that the fruit of the Spirit be manifested in our lives.
2. Pray that the vision of the Word of Life Community Church be fulfilled.
3. Lift up those in authority over us, Pastor Roberts and Sister Sherry.
4. Pray that there will be 100% tithers in this ministry.

5. Pray for unity in the Body of Christ.
6. Pray that God's will be done in each and every believer's life.
7. Pray that all members and friends attend all services on a consistent basis.


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