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Word of Life is a need-meeting, community church with ministries and programs for every member of the family. As we teach the Word of God and proclaim that Jesus Christ is God Almighty and head of the church, our goal is to open the eyes of the blind and teach the truth of God's Word, so that it is applicable for daily living. Whereby, the hearers may come up to God's standard of living for themselves and their families. Prepare yourself for the abundant life experience that only the Word of God can provide..... WELCOME TO THE LIFE!

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From The Pastor

Family Matters - Volume 2

When we do not understand the purpose of a thing, misuse or abuse are bound to happen. It's important to understand the purpose of a man and a woman. Then we can move forward in a positive manner. So many of our relationships started on the wrong foundation: "he is so fine; man she's the total package; what can he or she do for me?;" You get my point? If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that CHANGE! We are teaching on Family Matters at the Life...I'll see you in the service...Dr.R
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